Sing Again

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i will take a rope and skip
down to the river
on to a ship
on the deck
i will stand
waiting to hit sand
get off
walk around
on an island
that never before
has been found
not even by pirates
or wizards
or unicorns
or cats
or bears
or tiger
or rabbits
or rats
it will be my island
and only mine
it could be your’s too
that’d be fine
we’d make a fire
we’d cook some tea
and you would lay
forever, with me
9.3.09 21:16

i want my thoughts,
out of my head,
i want you here,
with me, instead
9.3.09 21:16

i should take my time
i should wait and see
if this, what is you and me
could ever, forever, be
9.3.09 21:15

you can tell me
trust me
take me
far away from fire and light
leave me breathless
leave me unless
you can take
the hits
the stress
off my dress
the anger
the screams
the tears
the pain
us dancing in the pouring rain
the birds
the cars
us under the stars
the laughter
the right
the wrong
the pride
the kisses
the sweat
the I decide
the ugly
the pretty
the good
the bad
you being angry
me being sad
27.2.09 21:28

I hate walks
because you don’t do walks
I hate bikes
because you don’t have one
I hate cars
because you can’t drive
I hate busses
because you are broke
I hate subways
because you are broke
I hate trains
because you’re not on them
I hate planes
because you would never get on one to see me
27.2.09 21:28

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