Sing Again

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I would never say
that I am done with it
You can’t undo things
It’s not paint or photoshop
also you are at the bottom of the world
not on the top
we could take photographs and shit
but we could also just stay here and sit
we could do nothing
Me and you, could be a We
though that’s the last thing I’d like us to be
we could bet he sun
that has decided to hide
behind the mountains
high and wide
we could take the train
in different directions
and still arrive at the same place
and when we’d see eachother
I would still keep my slow pace
you on the other hand
you would run
in your eyes I could see
the reflection of the sun
and you would run past me
because so many people
so many people standing in the way
you would seek me like a needle in the hay
I would think you just made fun of me
and I would take the next train
in a different direction
no reflection of the sun
looking out the window
as my thoughts begin to run
27.2.09 21:27

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